discover the light. arouse the senses.


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Our candles

discover the light

arouse the senses

We take pride in our quality work and choose scents that are not the usual. Our goal is to provide a product that not only has a pleasant aroma, but sends your senses to a whole different dimension.


The Mother's Day Collection

Two things we know about a mother is; they know how to give the best affection and they definitely have their own unique intuition. We created two candles that represent exactly that. A Mother's Affection has the fragrance of the gorgeous rose and peony flowers with hints of nectarine, grapefruit and the spicy peppercorn. A Mother's Intuition is filled with earthy notes of apricot wood and patchouli then blended with sweet scents such as pear, yuzu blossomss and mandarin.  These two candles, just like the attributes they represent, compliment each other and define the greatest parts of motherhood.